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Standing Committee

The Deanery Standing Mission and Pastoral Committee is appointed by the Deanery Synod every three years. It includes:

  • the principal officers of the deanery - the Area Dean, the Lay Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary
  • the deanery representatives on the Deanery Finance Forum and the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (to be reviewed when the Bishops Council takes over the functions of the DMPC)
  • additional elected members.

The committee’s business is of three kinds:

  1. It plans the business program of the Deanery Synod, and liaises with diocesan officers and the Bishop’s Staff Team.
  2. It is responsible for mission planning in the deanery, including the strategy for organising parishes and deploying clergy. As such it is a vital sounding board for the Area Dean.
  3. On very rare occasions, the Standing Mission and Pastoral Committee acts on behalf of the Deanery Synod in decision making.

This makes it a very important part of the life of the deanery. The group meets monthly throughout the year, and always has a busy agenda.

Alison Borer
Fran Wood
Ivor Cassell
Margaret Vaughan
Revd Bill Braviner
Revd Jane Bell