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Hands cupped in prayer Daily prayer has been part of the pattern of life for ordinary disciples of Jesus throughout Christian history – not only for monks! Prayers are said daily in Church of England parishes everywhere, but not everyone can get to church. However, nobody who feels the urge to pray, and to be connected to a praying community needs to feel left out.

These pages contain links to online daily prayer resources in a variety of styles to suit different personalities and lifestyles. There are podcasts to listen to, simple reflections to meditate on, celtic forms of daily prayer, and more traditional Anglican forms of daily prayer. Some are short, some are a little longer. Some are more visual, some are more about beautiful language. Some are good for praying alone, some for praying with other people. What is important is to find something that helps you connect with God, with the Christian community, with yourself, and with the concerns of the world.

If you would rather meet to pray in church or elsewhere, that is what we are here for. Please contact one of the local clergy for advice. You can find helpful information including topical prayers and advice on getting started in prayer on the Church of England website as well.

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If you use a smartphone or tablet, there are numerous apps to help with prayer. There are links to some of the best below. The free Church of England Daily Prayer app is a convenient way to find a form of prayer tailored for the day of the week, and the season of the church year. If you would find some reflections on the Bible readings helpful, the Reflections for Daily Prayer app is excellent, but it does require a subscription.

PrayerMate is a personal prayer organiser app designed to help you actually pray for all the people and causes you care about and promise to pray for. It stores prayer reminders securely and confidentially, and serves them up on reminder cards. Thanks to sponsorship by the Diocese of London, it is also free.

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